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t's hard to describe the taste and the flavours that makes part of Hotel La Baita in Andalo ski resort food style. In a region like "Trentino" with his old agricultural tradition, life in land, we search and found the way of preparing home meals. Some our courses are the "Canederli", as a natural warming, our usual food in Andalo, homemade with bread and Speck cooked in a clear soup or with a smoking cheese sauce, or the "Carne Salada", spiced crude meat seasoned with mountain flavours in slices with lemon juice or grilled, with the classical "Fasoi en Bronzon" Beans and tomato. The "taglieri di formaggi" local cheeses like "Spressa", "Silandro" or "puzzone di Moena" that in a wood plate keep the feeling of the old good things after a lond day skiing or walking.

Trentino land of the beef "Rendena" breeded for 6 month in their life eating grass of the high meadowland. The experience of our Chef Gino Calamita, since ten years our pillar, with important training in France. Fantasy and simplicity in cooking, he creates every day with his Staff a connection between mediterranean and Trentino flavours without skipping the classical Italian recipes. A mix of tradition and "buon gusto".


Trentino Tipycal Dinner, local plates like Stinco (roasted shinbone - image below), la Polenta di Storo (Mais Polenta), gli Spatzlë del vicino Tirolo (Tyroler Spatzle) , our fantasy has his best in festivity meals. We can also prepare menus for allergic or intolerant persons.

What you really can expect and find after a long skiing or walking day. Good Italian food.

And more, the taste of Hotel La Baita goes through the full enjoyment of the three wines native of Trentino. White Nosiola, Red Teroldego, and the Prince of red wines, Marzemino (the wine of Mozart).

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Hotel la Baita - Andalo
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